Reputation and Achievements

In our short history, John Paul College has grown to become one of Queensland’s largest schools with approximately 2100 students enrolled in Prep through to Year 12, John Paul College Child Care, Kindergarten and John Paul International College.

Underpinning this growth is our reputation for the delivery of an outstanding educational experience featuring an innovative, technologically relevant curriculum (supported by a highly successful Notebook Computer program and IT support department); superb opportunities in sport and the performing arts, a beautiful resource-rich environment and above all, an insistence that students practise courtesy and mutual respect at all times.

Performing Arts Achievements

The College enjoys a reputation for performance excellence earned over 30 years of producing high-quality, musical productions including "Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat", "Grease is the Word", "Back in Time" and a number of Musicfest Concerts.  In addition, students are offered an extensive ensemble programme, and group and private instrumental, vocal, dance and drama lessons for individuals.

Sporting Achievements

The College has a OLYMPIC record of Australian sporting representatives.  Many students have made selection to National and State teams. Added to these individual achievements are the many Premiership titles achieved each year by College teams in The Associated Schools Competition (TAS).  Our basketball and netball players have a particularly impressive record of achievement.

Technology Program

John Paul College has a long history of innovation in teaching and learning. The College Notebook Computer Program was launched to students and staff in January 1993.  The arrival of this technology was prefaced by the installation of kilometres of optic fibre cabling and network connection points. Additional infrastructure and services – storage, technical support, additional printing facilities and specialised software were added to support and service the notebooks.

Twenty years on, the transformation continues.  Today, John Paul College is a wireless campus. Each student from Years 4 -12 is supplied with a notebook computer and the College offers technical hardware and software support via Techsphere.  Technology is integral to teaching and learning at the College and our teaching staff are leaders in this field.  Communication with parents, staff and students is via JPConnect, our cutting-edge communication portal.