Our Staff

John Paul College provides a progressive and stimulating educational environment for both students and staff. 

Technology is an integral part of teaching and learning at John Paul College and, as such, our dedicated and highly professional teaching staff are widely regarded as leaders in their field.

Our high teaching standards are reinforced though our commitment to ongoing professional development for staff. This level of support ensures our teachers are equipped with the latest teaching and learning tools and strategies, so that they can help students successfully navigate the range of academic pathways available and the rich mix of co-curricular activities offered at John Paul College.

Specialist teaching areas include: 

 English  Early Learning
 History  International Baccalaureate
 Primary Years Programme  Legal Studies
 Mathematics  Commerce
 Information Technology  Geography
 Performing Arts  Visual Art
 Applied Design  Science
 Human Ecology and Movement  Vocational Education
 Languages - Chinese, German,
 Japanese and Spanish


John Paul International College offers employment opportunities to people with a variety of skills, expertise and determination to contribute to a positive and effective learning environment. 

All employment opportunity enquiries should be directed to Mrs Sarah McKee at smckee@jpc.qld.edu.au. For more information about applying for employment click here.