Shenzhen Study Abroad

John Paul College is a proud school with many great achievements in its short history. From academic to sporting achievements, Alumni are proud to be associated with this great school that has developed its reputation in such a short time. And this college is proud to have a long standing association with students and schools from all over the world. This term, we welcome students from many different countries including, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. For years, we have opened our school and classrooms and we welcome all of our new students. We particularly welcome the visit by Shenzhen School and hope this will be the start of a great collaboration that will continue for many years to come.

There are 70 students and 6 staff from the Shenzhen Nanshan Bilingual School, fully immersing themselves in the JPC and Australia experience. They will study English at JPIC, integrate into JPC, live with Australian families, visit Australian theme parks and famous places, and have new experiences. They have spent a long time preparing for this trip and these students represent a selection of the best.

This is such a great opportunity for Shenzhen but it is also an opportunity for JPC. JPC staff and students can learn more about Chinese people, their culture, language and way of life. This mutual exchange will help us all better global citizens with a truly international perspective.

We would like to welcome them now, as part of our John Paul College family.