Level 3 Expo

Reflecting on that special day, the first thing that comes to mind is how my students improved their speaking skills and gained confidence in presenting to an audience.

However, this is just the surface. The whole experience gave the students the opportunity to develop and acquire new skills. What can I say about the way these students worked as a team and bonded with each other and their teacher during their endless rehearsals and on the day, confined in their tiny dressing room not being able to relax for a minute. I lost count how many times each group had to perform. What valuable lessons they were taught! They discovered a side of themselves they did not know it existed. They learned to be creative, improvise and think on the spot. They helped and encouraged each other when some of them reached breaking point and, finally, they learned to do things out of their comfort zone, and persevere. They experienced the speed at which things can be achieved and the importance of self-discipline; the feelings of pride and satisfaction that follows the applause or a standing ovation; the sense of being responsible.

Despite the fact they had no family or loved ones in the audience, these students did their best and succeeded.